Hydraullic driven rotating head 4300Nm

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Hydraulic driven rotating head is a hydraulic driven device which is connected with the top of the helical screw piles by means of appropriate adapter and with use of hydraulic power send its torque force onto the top of the screw pile to rotate (ground) helical screw pile into the soil.

Our hydraulic driven rotating head can not work alone. It must be plugged to the source of hydrauic power. To see the complete set of our 'screw piles installation equipment set' please see appropriate page here >> There are 6 set models presented within these pages where only one main hydraulic station is used along with 6 different models of hydraulic rotating heads.  

Complete installation set is designated to screw into the soil various types of helical metal screw piles which form piles foundation for houses and various types of constructions. The main advantage of this equipment is compact size and affordable weight for human handling and therefore high ability to be transported (wheeled) to sites with limited space and virgin lands. Powered by 'Honda' single cylinder, 4 stroke engine which is fed by gazoline. Economic consumtion of gazoline. Present equipment does not require any electricity. 


1.Hydraulic drive head -1pc
2.Holder (for leverage fixing) -2pc.
3. High pressure hoses with quick couplers (L=0.5m) -2pcs.
4.Spline shaft with flange -1pc.
5. Torque pin (splint) -1pc.

Hydraulic driven rotating head is applicable to work with steel screw piles with diameter from 57 up to 159 mm with pile's thickness 3.0-5.0 mm. Our rotating head is having noticeable torque and therefore we recommend to use only metallic helical screw piles with thickness of the helical pile body not less then 3,0 mm. Otherwise the hydraulic torque can tear off the metal body of the pile.

Various types of metallic helical screw piles our head can work with:

types of helical screw piles  

Our hydraulic driven rotating head must be connected with the top of the screw pile by means of metal connector and metal pin. Two persons normally undertake screw pile's positioning (with drive head on the top of it), while operator serves hydraulic power unit. Once torgue is on, one of two positioning operators must take leverage into his hands to compensate torque force on the screw pile's end because of screwing movement. Having torque 'on' and fixed leverage compensation the screw pile has nothing to do but to dig into the soil until obstruction is met by the pile. Obstraction can be stones or likely, or heavy soil such as Cambrian clay. One screw pile with 2.0 m length normally take 8-10 minutes to be screwed into the soil almost completely, if no serious obstructions are met. 

Our company 'Agency 'New Technologies', INN (tax reg no) 7807319158 is an official representative of the Russian manufacturing factory producing hydraulic equipment under the trade mark 'Torsion'.  Our prices are absolutely the same with manufacturer's prices and our Principal's web page is having back hyperlink to our web page as a purchasing tool to buy on-line. Our web page rusexportstore.ru prime target is to simplify to our foreign buyers the whole process of purchasing of russian commodities and instruments in terms of logistics and custom's clearance operations on both shipper's and consignee's ends.

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Hydraullic driven rotating head specification
(head to be put onto the top of the screw pile) 

Rated torque 4300 Nm
Inlet pressure (nominal) 16 MPa
Inlet pressure (max) 20 MPa
Weight (without holding bracket) 32-80 kg
The temperature range of the oil fpom +15°С to +70°С
Interval of ambient temperatures from -40°С to +40°С
Speed (nominal) 3-15 rpm

Hydraulic driven rotating head connected with its power supplying station is a high-torque force with low rotating speed which allows operators to act quite safely and at the same time quite efficient in any circumstances and in any limited spaced to ground (screw) helical piles into the soil. Due to the fact that our screw piles piles installation equipment is very compact and mobile it can give additional advantage to operate on different landscapes which have noticeable slopes which make operation of huge machines impossible. Our equipment can work on extreme slopes.

High Pressure hoses specification.
The basic configuration of equipment includes 2 high-pressure hoses with a length of 5 m each. They are designed to connect the hydraulic power unit with the working mechanism (hydraulic drive head in our case, any other hydraulic equipment suitable for pluggin with main hydraulic engine unit). By means of the high-pressure hoses the working fluid (oil) flows from the hydraulic power unit to the hydraulic drive head. During the operation, especially on difficult soils, high-pressure hoses are subjected to a high load associated with the increase in pressure of the working fluid flowing inside them; therefore in our products we use high-pressure hoses only of a reliable manufacturer with a 2-fold safety factor. High-pressure hoses are equipped with quick couplings.

'Torsion' screw piles installation equipment set in operation. 
Below video demonstrates the work of the complete equipment set where not only rotating head is used but the whole set in operation. We sell hydraulic driven rotating head for those customers who requires only head and it means they are having there own source of the hydraulic force. 


Price terms is EXW Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
100% prepayment before shipment.
V.A.T. = 0%. (Price include 'zero' value added tax).
Price apply to foreign purchasers, outside territory of Russian Federation.

Price terms EXW  Velikiy Novgorod, Russia does not include the following additional expenses: 

  • customs clearance costs in Russia 
  • transport costs to the buyer 
  • customs clearance in the buyer's country

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We can arrange the entire shipping process including customs.

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