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About our company rusexportstore.ru

RusExportStore.ru is an internet project which belogns to a Russian based entity "Agency "New Technologies" Co.Ltd.. The web itself was launched in July 2019 with aim to list in details Russian export items which our company is able to supply and to ship to it's overseas customers.

Our company "Agency "New Technologies" Co. Ltd., was opened in November 2006. We are based in St.Petersburg, the biggest transport hub in the North-West of Russian Federation. Our major activities is in logistics and secondary in international trade & constulting by promoting Russian export articles: raw, materials, merchandise and equipment. 

The idea to promote Russian exports dated back to 2013. This project starts initially with a single based web page www.ant-export.su with possibility to on-line rate commodities by HS CODE with short description of the product mentioning transporting possibilities. Later on a second web page was launched (this one) where customers can have possibility to view particular product in much more details (likely as web on-line store) and supplied with more photo and video materials and to get maximum possible information on terms of payment and terms of shipment. We aim to maximum improve international trade issued by shortering time from negotiations to real purchase. We aim to make Russian exports deals more likely to be fair, easy and to be concluded on-line. We want to improve negotiations between seller and buyer and to safe customer's time and to make things running more efficiently.

We aim to present our company as transparent as possible. Visitors can view our company's registration documents online. Though all these documents are in Russian anyhow our prospected customers and clients can apply through official internet sources to collect necessary data for a safe check out of our entity. For example this link https://www.nalog.ru/eng/ which belongs to the Government Federal tax police can provide on-line information on any Russian resident. To start with simply use resident's ID to start Your investigation process. All Russian ventures are having INN (tax ID numer). Our company's INN 7807319158. This number is stated in most official docs attached herewith. 

Since 2015 our company became a member of the St.Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kindly find attached herewith our Membership certificate along with some other relevant documents issued by StP CCI. 

Each year we apply for our Freight Forwarders insurance certificate to enable safe delivery of all our cargoes. For the period 2018-2019 years the value of risks covered by this certificate is 4 million russian roubles, equivalent of approximately $65000.00 USD.


Our company official certificates and endorsements


Below we submit just few recommedation letters issued by our valued partners and customers.

 Frans Jol Recommendation letter to ANT Fesil Recommendation letter to ANT.jpeg Ahlstrom Recommendation letter to ANT Selta-Magnit Recommendation letter to ANT

Russian export: we ship it easy


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